Fellowship Initiative Pushes Graduate Support to New Heights

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Reprinted from Promise of Berkeley – Dean Fiona Doyle below (in pearls) with students

Dean Fiona Doyle and students

Doctoral students drive their own discoveries, catalyze faculty-led research, and inspire and mentor undergraduates. We know that fostering their talent yields incredible results.

To support our outstanding graduate students — while countering downsized state support, the high cost of living, and stiff competition from our private peers — Berkeley launched a program in August, 2015, with the potential to significantly raise both the number and amount of fellowships we can offer.

Berkeley Endowments to Attract and Retain Graduate Students (BEAR GradS) aims to create $1 million fellowship endowments by pairing private gifts of $500,000 with $500,000 in matching funds. The first five matches were made possible through the bequest of Helene I. Cantor ’35. Efforts are underway to expand the program in 2016 with additional matches (UPDATE: Power and Berner estates Fund 20 additional BEAR GradS matches.)

“We are thrilled that visionary donors have stepped up to seize this opportunity in only a few months,” says Fiona Doyle, Vice Provost for Graduate Studies and Dean of the Graduate Division. “It can truly pay forward the benefits of a doctoral education to new generations of students.”

BEAR GradS supporter, Li-chiang Chu, ’64, M.S. ’67

Li-chiang Chu ’64, M.S. ’67, who loved her work in nutritional sciences as a master’s student, established the first BEAR GradS fellowship for the College of Natural Resources.

“It was a way for me to say thank you for an education that enabled an interesting and satisfying career,” says Chu, an ardent supporter and UC Berkeley Foundation trustee.

“Berkeley in some magical way allows our students to be more than they would have been had they attended another university,” says Doyle.

To learn more about BEAR GradS, contact us.