Berkeley Endowments to Attract
& Retain Graduate Students

The BEAR GradS program doubles the value of $500,000 doctoral fellowship endowment donor gifts through a dollar for dollar match. 

Download a one-page BEAR GradS flyer PDF.

Graduate students are at the heart of Berkeley’s world-celebrated excellence in research and teaching. Competitive fellowship funding not only helps Berkeley recruit the very best and brightest graduate students, but since faculty report the high caliber of our graduate students is the #1 contributor to their work satisfaction, fellowships help Berkeley retain passionate and brilliant faculty.

The BEAR GradS program creates $1M doctoral fellowship endowments for which annual earnings align more closely with the annual tuition, fee, and living expenses of our outstanding Berkeley scholars.

A total of twenty matches have been made possible through the estates of Helene I. Cantor ’35, William V. Power ’30, and Raymond H. Berner.

Bear with mortar board graphicRead more about the BEAR GradS program
in the 2016 Promise of Berkeley

Donors and UC Berkeley development colleagues with
BEAR GradS interest are invited to direct inquiries to
Liz Moress, Executive Director of Development

BEAR GradS are administered through the campus-wide Multi-Year Fellowship Competition.

Li-chiang Chu M.S. ’67
Li-chiang Chu M.S. ’67

“Giving to BEAR GradS was a way for me to say thank you to Berkeley.”

To-date 20 BEAR GradS matches have been made possible through the estates of Helene I. Cantor ’35, William V. Power ’30, and Raymond H. Berner. Our thanks to the donors below who have generously risen to the BEAR GradS matching challenge!

BEAR GradS matches are available by reservation — contact us for details!

17) Thomas Pai, L&S
16) Roger Kang, Biotechnology
15) Marcus Foster Institute, Education
14) Gregg and Laura Perloff, CED
13) Nancy Walls and Randy Schekman, L&S
12) Stephen Shortell & Leonard Schaeffer, Public Health
11) Paul Roesler, L&S
10) Robert Wadell, Engineering
9) Lisa & William Liu, College of Natural Resources
8) T.Z. Chu, Chemistry
7) Richard Aston, L&S
6) William S. Floyd, Jr. Engineering
5) Bettina & Glen Duval, GSPP
4) Schwartz/Efrusy/Levy, Public Health
3) David & Patricia Bogy, Engineering
2) Takashi & Saori Kousaka, Haas
1) Li-Chiang Chu, CNR